Parent Testimonials

Thanks to so many parents. Your kind words are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for sharing the sportsperson of the week photo!  Phoebe had a blast at camp (again) (her 3rd year).  She can be quite discerning (read: picky) but she always has good things to say about Decathlon and her counselors there.  Bravo on choosing and training excellent staff, and on running a great camp!
See you next summer,
- Liming

I'm Luca Pennline's Mom.  He was in group 1 in Session 1 this summer.  I want to thank you for the wonderful camp that you run.  Everyone I met from the first day to the last was friendly, helpful and encouraging.  Luca felt empowered and had a lot of fun.  He learned how to participate in the different sports and as he was on the Yellow Team, he also learned how to lose gracefully.  I was so pleased for him that he had such a great first summer camp experience.
The specialness of Decathlon has only been amplified by our experience this week at another local camp, that is disorganized, chaotic and where the counselors are apathetic, distracted and uninterested.  The difference is palpable.  I want you to know that your efforts in creating such a supportive culture can be clearly seen.

I want to send you a hearty thank you for the awesome experience both our boys had in session 2 at DSC! From the bus rides, to the counselors and your willingness to work with us on an early pick up at Raging waters, you have all made their (and our!) summer a ball! Wiley came home every day with a huge smile, proud and physically energized from all the awesome activities! Taylor developed more leadership and self- assurance, always eager to head off to the bus in the morning, and so happy to spend time with campers this past session. Neither were able to schedule this session with a friend this year, and it absolutely didn't matter! That was a great learning experience for both boys! Thank you all for a great summer camp experience! We plan to be back again next summer for more fun!
Kisa, Linton, Wiley and Taylor Young

I would like to thank you for an an amazing two weeks of camp.  It was the first time for my son, Declan Miley, to attend Decathlon Camp, and he absolutely loved it.  He came home happy and tired every day.  He would retell the activities of the day with enthusiasm and an energy as if he was reliving the experiences.  Everything was so well organized from the daily schedule to the beach outing to the Olympic Week.  I appreciated all of the email updates and communications as well.  This was an excellent experience, and Declan can’t wait to participate again next summer.
Jen Miley

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely note regarding “Sportsperson Of The Week” and picture. We were pleasantly surprised, proud and excited to receive this note. Naveh is really enjoying his time at Decathlon and we can't believe he only has three days left! Looking forward to next year and thank you to all of you for providing a wonderful experience. Naveh and little bro will be back next summer! Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Inbal & Ashish Ondhia
PS Thank you for the check-in call yesterday as well!

My kids, Alex and Catherine Bradford, had such a blast at Decathlon this first summer, they can't wait for next year!  Thank you for your traditions, safety, and consistently fun programs. They just loved the whole time!
Have a great rest of your summer,

Thank you so much for another great year of camp :)

Kaia: really really loved the responsibilities of being at the top of the JCITs. She liked the day she was able to fill in as a "JC" - thanks for giving her that opportunity !

Nico : he came home everyday telling me about the new and old games he played . He also tells me about the funny and great stuff the Counselors say and do . He loves loves loves the camp :)

Thank you !!!!
See you next summer
Steph Del Carmen

Maja is so thrilled with the recognition of being chosen a “Sportsperson Of The Week. She has been very conscientious the entire time about making an effort to be a team player and now recognizes that hard work pays off! It’s her first year at DCS and it’s a great confidence builder for her. I’m glad you recognized her efforts and make this inaugural year such a special one for her.
Thank you for doing such wonderful  character building with our kids! You are simply terrific.
Kind Regards,
Siobhan Skagen

Tyler has had a great session at Decathlon Camp these past two weeks and I wanted to say thank you for running such a fun and well organized camp! 
Also, in the craziness of this week I missed speaking in person to Tyler's counselor, Tim, but he did leave us a very nice message.  Can you please pass along our thanks for his kind words and tell him Tyler LOVED having him as a counselor.
Until next year!
Stephanie Frick

We are glad to know that Mo is being a good sportsperson – the values of considering others and bringing one’s best effort to every experience matter more to us than whether one wins or loses. 
Mo LOVES Decathlon and I am impressed by the professionalism of your staff and the organization of all of your operations (as a school administrator it’s hard not to notice these things!).
Many thanks for a terrific summer thus far,
Alona Scott
Head of School

Thank you so much for sharing with us! The camp has completely over-exceeded our expectations and we have been extremely impressed with all the counselors at Decathlon Camp. You walk there in the morning and there's so much positive energy!
We will be checking your websites to make sure we sign him up for next year's camp.
Thank you so much!
Tracy Fujieda

Thanks Decathlon staff for making this past two weeks the best camp experience for both my boys Bennett and Brady.
They asked to attend every day for the rest of the summer, you all must be doing something right! 
We will see you next summer.
Suzanne  Quo

Chris has had a wonderful time at camp these past 4 weeks.  Every day he has had something fun and positive to say.  Thank you for providing such a fun environment for him - and his friends. We will definitely be returning next year.
Have a great remainder of your summer!
All the best,
Denise Tripp

Hi All,
On behalf of Randy and myself , we'd like to say thanks again for another fun filled summer. Joel (Arcune) really enjoys the program and as working parents, the importance of knowing your child is safe and enjoying his days is important.
With gratitude,
Vicki Burnett

My daughter, who is really shy and hard to please, LOVED camp.
We wanted to introduce her to sports in a positive way and this was exactly the right camp. 
There was not a peep of complaint for the entire 2 weeks.
Her final comment was, "I really love basketball". 
Please pass on my highest praise to her counselors Katie, Jenna and Cecilia.  My daughter thought they were fabulous (and we thought so too).  They were very kind and gentle with Alexa which is exactly what she needs.
We will definitely be back next year,
Krista (mom to Alexa, age 6)

As the session is finishing, I wanted to let you know that my kids Aaron and Noah Chen have been asking me why they haven't gone to this camp until this summer??!!  They both absolutely love it.  They love the games that are fun but still competitive.  Aaron enjoys his counselors' life stories and Noah received an encouraging postcard today and he refused to toss it even though it was soaked in spilled lemonade!   Thank you thank you for creating and running such a great summer camp.  I myself love it because you keep me organized with your email reminders and the flexible lunch program. 
Before bed today, Aaron said he wishes tomorrow is still the first day of camp so that there are more days left.  Since Aaron is entering 7th grade this fall, he would love to participate as a JCIT next summer.  Please kindly keep us on the email list on the procedures to become a JCIT.  I know my younger son Noah will be coming back as a camper for sure next year. 
Thank you again for running such a wonderful camp!

Christine Chen

Thank you so much for this: “We do our best to limit the use of sugar, artificial sweeteners, food coloring and hydrogenated fats in the food and drinks we offer to the campers.”
it makes a big difference in my choosing this camp for my son!! Thank you.
Sumi Shin (Kaz Shin-Sherman's parent)

I just wanted to let you know that Rohan had yet another enjoyable summer thanks to Decathlon Sports Club. He can't stop sharing all the stories and the games he played all summer and is excited to start school and show his friends the cool things he learnt at camp.
His interest and joy for playing sports has grown even more this year and he is already excited about next summer and the time he will spend at Decathlon. Kudos to you and your team for doing a fabulous job of keeping the kids happy and active all summer long.
Thanks again! Look forward to seeing you again next summer.
Maithili Rairkar (Rohan's mom)

Alex and I just wanted to say thank you for another wonderful month of camp for Tommy and Topher!  The boys got in the car on Friday and said, "we're so sad camp is over; I wish it was next summer already!"  Thank you for everything all of you do to create such a fantastic and special experience for all the campers.  We don't how you do it, but it seems as though every summer is even better than the last!  Have a great year and we will see you Summer 2014! 
Emily and Alex Sah

My first year of college at UC Santa Barbara is coming to a close, and it's been great. As I applied for work in Santa Barbara for the summer, it made me reminisce on the amazing experiences I've had at Decathlon Sports Club. Everything from Phenomenal Friday's, Raging Waters trips, putting up shade tents as a JCIT, to leading groups as a Junior Counselor has truly been a blessing. I can easily say that your camp has had such a positive impact on me.

Obviously, sports have always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was 5 years old, I could be found shooting a basketball or tossing a baseball. But it's not just about playing the sport, it's about respecting the sport itself and those who play it with you. Decathlon has not only groomed me into a great athlete, but a great human being. Early life lessons of sportsmanship have impacted all aspects of my life. Your camp, from a young age, taught me how to work well with others, listen to others, and have fun in a competitive environment. I will utilize these lessons in the classroom, my next job venture, and the ups and downs of my career.

I want to thank you for all you two have done for me. You've provided me with a family away from home, and summer memories that will last forever. It brings me to tears knowing I won't be around Decathlon this summer, because your camp is the happiest place on earth. I hope all is well.
Nate Bills
Camper, JCIT, Junior Counselor

I received an on-line survey and am looking forward to providing you with great feedback regarding your camp. We love that William has had such a positive experience there year after year.  William is always a bit apprehensive on the first day of camp session but at pick up, he's had such a good time that he's ready to go back the next day!  Your counselors really seem to care about their campers and that makes such a tremendous difference.  I love the emphasis on sportsmanship and the games are so creative.
We'll see you next summer and thank you for all that you do for your campers!  It is much appreciated.
Take care,
I-Han Liang
(William's mom)

Thanks so much to all of you for making this summer so terrific for Izzy.  You run a great operation.  I cannot tell you how much Izzy enjoyed this summer and how much better (from both her and my perspective) her summer was this year as compared to other camp's attended last year.  Izzy will definitely be back next year, as will her little sister.  Samantha (Counselor) was wonderful as well.
Thanks again.
Robin Colman

Thank you for all the pictures you sent and for once again showing the kids a fabulous time.  Aidan's first experience on a Decathlon field trip Friday was one he will not forget.  He and Tommy LOVED fishing.  Thanks for hanging out on the dock with them, Scott.  The picture is terrific!
Aidan was also thrilled to be chosen as Sportsperson of the week last week.  I'm sure you know how special it makes the kids to receive that recognition.  Thanks for giving our quiet, sensitive boy that much needed boost!  :)
Thanks for everything.  :) 
Your very satisfied customer/ parent,
Catherine  Bannon

I have to thank you for an amazing camp experience for my son, Winn! His buddy Devon convinced him to sign up. I am so glad we did!
From the very beginning, I felt a very personal touch with your camp. My welcoming email started off with "Winn and Devon are together in the same group," which is exactly what I wanted to hear! Then Linda took lots of time with me discussing the week's field trip change (from the beach to Raging Waters).
We felt SO welcome on our first day of camp with a bunch of counselors coming up to us and making us feel at home. Our conselor Ryan Auerbachh is AMAZING. He quickly figured Winn out, telling me that Winn really IS a decent athlete but lacks confidence. And then Ryan made sure that he built up Winn's confidence all week long. Ryan is excellent at that! And the personal phone call midweek was so unexpected and GREAT!
I cannot tell you how much it meant to Winn to get the Sportsman of the Week award. He was "over the moon" excited about that!! And I SO enjoyed the picture you sent of that!! Our Jr. Counselor, Nate was excellent as well!
The closing ceremony was fantastic, with Nate and Ryan saying so many wonderful personal things about the boys. They really got to know each and every boy!
In sum, we cannot wait for next year (last year Winn can do it!) and I'm very sad that we did not try your camp many years ago!
You have developed a wonderful camp experience for kids! Thank you thank you!!
Best regards,
Laurie Hartford

Mattias had the time if his life last week and can't wait to get on the bus tomorrow!
Thank you for making this wonderful childhood memory happen :-)
Greet Hamnendorp, Mattias' mom.

Thanks so much for the bio's.  Every summer since he was 5, my son, Colin Chow, idolizes his camp counselors.  Last year it was Rafael and this year it is Danny and Yonah.  With the lack of male teachers in the elementary school system, Decathlon Sports Camp gives him the chance to model how young men should act.  I am grateful for the role models you provide for younger boys to emulate.  It is now Colin's goal to be a future counselor and have a bio himself one day:)
Thank you for all you do for the kids and for providing a fun, non uber-competitive place for them to enjoy sports and the outdoors. Gratefully,
Ellen Szeto

Thank you for once again creating such an incredible experience for Louie (Kane) this summer! I always know he is in good hands and having fun during his summers with you and that means so much to me. (5 years at DSC)
Ruth Stein

This has been such an amazing experience for me! I’ve learned so much from this awesome camp!  How to make lanyards, an improved way to shoot a basketball, but most of all sportsmanship.  Coming to this camp has truly changed my life!  I will never forget it.  My first year as a camper has been awesome!
Grace Descourqoez (age 12)

I wanted to say Thank You for another great year at camp! You all make it so easy for parents and the kids love it. I don't know how you do it, when other camps can't seem to, but you are friendly, accommodating and you are so helpful to parents, like when we forget to do something (like bring lunch forms by x day), you cover for us busy, crazy families! It is never "too late", and I really appreciate that!  Great job, keep it up!
Lia never came home sunburned ( a little just can't be helped as she is very fair) and I really thank you for that too! Wow! You are the best!!
Kate Evard, and family

The all time best camp ever according to the Kramer Kids! BTW - Caitlyn is 3 now... how old does she have to be to start camp... 5?!
Jody Kramer (DSC Campers for 7 years)

My boys love Decathlon and I’ve been impressed by the level of organization and how easy you make it for us parents!
Michal Shalon

Nate just had his tenth season at your camp (this past year as a JCIT) and enjoyed himself as always.  Thanks for running such a fabulous program year after year.  He is hoping to see you next summer as a junior counselor!
Janet Jacobi

My Favorite Summer Activity
Decathlon Sports Camp is like recess for 6 hours a day.  For the last 5 summers I have been to this wonderful camp called Decathlon Sports Club.  At Decathlon we have basketball, baseball, high jump, swimming and oodles and oodles of more sports.  We also have fun every Friday.  Swimming is fun and at the end of every day we get popsicles.  But, the best parts of summer camp are the field trips.  We get to go to Santa Cruz beach, bowling, and best of all Raging Waters.

Every Summer I really enjoy going to Decathlon Sports Camp.  The field trips and games are really great.  There are so many sports you can play with your friends and your friends don’t rub it in tyour face if you lose.  They just say “good game” and the losing team is back on their feet and ready for a rematch.  Maybe the best part of Decathlon are the friends you make.  You get to see your pals again and again and make new friends every year.
Sean Scott age 11

Your camp is terrific. My son has attended for 3 years in a row now and really likes it. I always appreciate the individualized attention you give to each camper and your timely communications on what is going on at camp. Keep up the great work!!
Darcy Kiefaber

Simply best run camp I have ever seen - from logistics, to food, to sunscreen, to variety, and the best part - kids loved it.
They came home exhausted but tons of fun! Thanks - looking forward to next year.
The Stalder Family

I have never seen a camp more organized. I was worried about my son going everyday and having to get up earlier in the summer. But he was always happy and excited to go and had a great time. That was such a gift! We love this camp and will be back next year!
Laurie Rinenbach

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing, positive camp experience! Both my sons really enjoyed their experience at Decathlon as a camper and as a JCIT this summer. You run an incredible program! We hope to see you next summer. Thanks so much.
Amy Connolly

Thanks for a great camp experience! The operational aspect was great but all the counselors, JC’s and JCIT’s made it truly spectacular. We’ll definitely be back next year.
Lynette Liu

Thank you for a wonderful summer camp. We were first time campers this year and loved every aspect of the camp. Anjan absolutely loved Decathlon! He came home happy every day. We are seeing a visible difference in his attitude, speech, and sports skills. We will definitely be returning next year.
Roopam and Akhish Bhattacharya

Seth had another great time at your camp! Thanks for providing a great place for kids to practice good sportsmanship while having safe, clean, fun and exercise.
Paul Moke

Dear Scott and Jeff, as I said this morning, thank you very much for an amazing experience. Your camp is fun and organized. Drop off and pick up are greatly run, the kids know every day what to expect, they have a ton of fun and the leaders do a great job.
If you decide to run an extracurricular during the year, please save a spot for Alon! We would love to join you!!!!
Keep us posted!
Laura Myszne,
Certified Professional Adlerian Parenting Educator &
Classroom Management Mentor

Dear Decathlon team,
Ophir had a great time  during the last four weeks with you. It was his favorite camp experience ever and we will definitely be back.
Please also convey this message to his counselor :)

Oh -- so fun to see both Preston and Bianca win the Sportsperson of the week on the same day, too! You guys have been an integral part of our village for raising good humans.
To be continued!
Tara Bhat

I just wanted to thank you for another great summer at camp. My girls loved every minute of it. This was my daughter's 4th summer - she's "Hall of Fame" bound next year. This was my younger daughter's first year. They both just loved camp! I think the real difference maker is what the young man said of your philosophy at the awards - "there are no boring activities - only boring counselors and JCs." And your counselors and JCs are fantastic!! I have sent my kids to many, many camps over the years and yours is the best by far. I not only love the outdoor nature of the camp, but you have the whole thing down to a science. I am so impressed by everything - from drop-off and pick-ups to after-camp care to communications to the food options to the activities. It is a well-oiled machine. The kids just love it and as a parent, I love it too. Thank you! See you next summer.
Linda Reed