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The Decathlon Sports Club was founded in 1981 by Scott Berridge and Rich Wohlstadter. They grew up in neighborhoods where the kids came outside after dinner and played stickball, pickle, football, basketball, hide-and-seek, 3-flies-up, traded cards, had water fights, etc. That childhood experience provided the foundation
and inspiration for this camp.

The camp environment we have created and fostered feels a lot like that 'old neighborhood', with sports, games
and socializing going on almost non-stop. Contests, barbeques, slip & slide, water fights, swimming, treasure hunts, trivia, arts & crafts, hide and seek, tug-of-war, kick-the-can, tons of laughter, board games, card-trading, prizes.... These things, in combination with structured sports and instruction, create the simultaneously relaxed, crazy, fun
and educational feel of our program. This is a wonderful place for children to play, get tons of exercise, and develop socially, physically, and athletically.

The Decathlon Sports Club of Los Altos began small (with just 20 children). We now proudly serve over 700 families from Palo Alto to Los Gatos each summer. Yes, we have grown and evolved quite a bit, but our goal and focus has always remained the same....great staff, hard work, emphasis on safety and service, attention to detail, individualized attention, and understanding and catering to those things that children enjoy and need.

Scott and the other camp directors don't just direct the program, they LIVE the program. All are on-site and completely involved every day.

We are looking forward to another great summer (our 41st) and we hope you will be part of it! 

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