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Our camp program is primarily recreational.    We provide a broad exposure to sports.  The amount and depth of instruction in any one sport is limited.

We believe the best way for children to learn basic sports skills and become physically fit is simply by playing rather than sitting and listening to lecture, watching demonstration, or doing repetitive drills. Give children lots opportunities to run and jump, to hit, bounce, throw, catch and participate in team play and they will become proficient at a number of sports without being drilled or lectured.  We excel at providing lots of creative play opportunities (games, relays, races, contests, and skill activities).  We emphasize learning to throw and catch correctly with ALL of our younger campers. We appeal to a child's sense of fantasy. "World Records" are constantly broken, "World Championships" are won a number of times each day.  Our campers become physically fit and learn a lot but they don't even realize it's happening because they are having so much fun.

Certainly there are some basic skills and rules which must be taught and reinforced through drill and/or targeted instruction.   We have identified sports skills appropriate to each age group and the group counselors and junior counselors concentrate on teaching one or two of those skills each day with each sport.