JCIT Responsibilities

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At this time it appears that we will be unable to offer the JCIT program for the summer of 2021 as it was in years past. In order to be in line with current CDC and local health guidelines regarding cohorts we will accept (for this summer of 2021) current 7th and 8th grade boys and girls as our oldest campers. The groups will be stable groups, M-F for 2 or 3 weeks.

Some JCIT responsibilities include.....
Assisting with the youngest boys and girls groups
Playing games such as dodgeball and CTF with the campers...
    help campers with the game.
Playing in Ping Pong, basketball, tennis, foosball, and volleyball
    tournaments specifically setup for the JCITs

Making camp signs
Keep the lost and found organized
Distributing t-shirts
Distributing juice & popsicles
Relining the athletic field stripes
Setting up/putting away the portable soccer goals, volleyball net,
    baskets, shade tents, hose, etc.
Helping with our camp snack and lunch program
Tracking/organizing the camp's athletic equipment
Working one-on-one with children on basic athletic skills
Supervising/watching 1 or 2 campers on the field trips
Helping run the at-camp "Fantastic Friday" program for the younger
    children who do not go on the field trips
Sweeping/cleaning where needed
Supervising and keeping the bathrooms safe
Filling up lots of water balloons for a variety of camp events
Having water fights while filling up water balloons
Help keep campers within camp boundaries during the lunch hour
Setting up/cleaning up special events
   (especially during Olympic Week)
Create/run games during Olympic Week
Help set up/clean up camper tournaments, the slip and slide and
    other special events
Act as a substitute group junior counselor when the regular junior
    counselor is sick
Assist with the arts & crafts program