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Every child at our camp is grouped with 15-16 children of the same sex and age. The groups remain together, led by the same counselor and junior counselor, for the entire 4 week session. Campers participate in all the activities with their group. This continuity allows the staff to learn and address the strengths and weaknesses of each child. It also fosters camaraderie and lasting friendships within the groups so children experience social as well as physical growth.

Everyone in the group will be about the same age. We make every effort to put campers with friends along with any other classmates from their school. However, do not worry if your child knows no one at camp. Since he/she will be in the same group, everyday, with the same kids and the same counselors, it will be easy to make new friends!

Groups are not co-ed though co-ed activities such as Capture the Flag, dodgeball, soccer tournaments, basketball tournaments, tennis tournaments and a variety of Olympic Week events are scheduled.

Each group participates in 5-6 different activities each day.