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Parents often ask how competitive our camp is. Sports, by their nature, are competitive. We are primarily a sports camp so there will be competition at all age levels (though less so for our younger campers.).

We believe that competition for children, with proper guidance and in the appropriate settting, can be positive and can provide the structure for valuable learning experiences. When we play a sport or game we encourage the campers to try their hardest. There is a LOT of winning and losing that goes on at camp, everyday. But records are not kept, results are quickly forgotten, and the campers remember only the fun of the game and the encouragement they received from their teammates and counselors.

Our camp offers a great opportunity for fun, exercise, and camaraderie. But perhaps the most important thing we have to offer your children is the opportunity to improve their sportsmanship skills, to learn that playing hard, working toward a goal, being a team player are far more important than winning.

To demonstrate the importance we place on good sportsmanship, we recognize one camper in each group each week by awarding "Sportsperson of the Week" ribbons.
Here are the attitudes and behaviors a Sportsperson of the Week will display:

Enjoy playing the game
Compete hard and fairly
Keep a good attitude
Don’t give up
Try your best
Commiserate with, instead of blaming, teammates
Appreciate opponent’s effort
Be a good winner and a good loser
Be honest
Have integrity
Show common courtesy
Have good manners
Have and show respect for:
the referee, your opponent, yourself, your teammates, your counselor & JC, the equipment, the facility.

Our directors, counselors and junior counselors all spend a great deal of time during and between activities teaching and emphasizing these traits.